“She aged like fine wine!” Girls’ Generation Seohyun smokey makeup triggers fans addiction on her face value

Forever the most iconic girl group maknae.

Seohyun from Girls’ Generation is one of the most well-known maknaes in the history of K-Pop. She was in a famous girl group that even today’s pop stars call the “textbook for girl groups.”

She’s always been lovely. Seohyun was picked because she looked young, but she has always had a mature, ladylike look. 2013:

Here she is.She slowly got used to how she looked as she aged. Seohyun‘s looks were at their best in her late 20s, when she got rid of her baby fat and started wearing better clothes.

She went to the opening of Road to Boston, which is also called 1974 Boston. Seohyun looked amazing in a black dress and boots by Diesel.

The silver bag gave the all-black outfit a bit of style and color.

Fans said that her face looks like it has lost more weight.

She looked a little bit more mature and seductive after she lost weight.

With a semi-smoky eye and coral lips, she kept her makeup easy.

There were also fan sites there to take pictures of her beauty.

This is one of the best looks Seohyun has had so far.

Netizens couldn’t believe how pretty the maknae got as she grew up.

She is very stylish.
Seohyun has a lot of star beauty.
Pretty as hell. Her face is pretty, but what she gives off is absolutely stunning.
I’ll always be there for you, Seohyun unnie.
She looks like she would be a good CEO.
She really is so pretty.
Every time I see Seohyun on TV or in an article, I think it’s too bad that the camera can’t catch how beautiful she is in real life. I think these pictures show how she looks in real life.
Out of control.
Both the style and she are pretty.

Seohyun showed that she really does get better with age. We can’t wait to see what this beautiful maknae does next.



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