Two LGBTQ+ flags are thrown on stage by Aespa fans, and NingNing’s reaction makes them tear up

Here’s what went down.

The members of aespa keep making their fan club, MYs, happy. The SM Entertainment girl group Synk: Hyperline just had a show in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Here, they wowed fans with their energetic dancing, top-notch pictures, and, of course, their sweet personalities.

As an example of the latter, when a fan threw a pride flag on stage, Ningning had the best response. She didn’t just ignore it; she picked it up and showed it to everyone.

She didn’t just hold the biggest smile for a second. Instead, she flew around the stage with it. Fans said she looked “so happy” about it.

She even danced around the stage holding the flag for a long time while she did so.

The rainbow colors of the pride flag show that it stands for the entire LGBTQ+ group. Neither was it the only one she showed off at the Brazil event.

Ningning also gave the red and pink gay flag a chance to shine. This flag is only used by lesbian women.

When it was dropped on stage, the gay flag was quickly picked up by the singer. She took a picture of herself with it and raised her arm with pride.

Fans couldn’t help but get emotional when they saw this open display of support for the LGBTQ+ community. They said that because of this brave act, their love for Ningning grew.

Her actions, which were unusual for a K-Pop idol with a lot of public impact, softened them up.

They were even more surprised that she didn’t hold back when she showed how much she cared about the neighborhood.

One thing is for sure: that night, Ningning made many MYs proud.



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