SHINee’s Minho makes hilarious reaction to IVE Jang Wonyoung’s adorable puppy impersonation during a video call

Netizens can’t stop laughing at Minho‘s hilarious moment during a video call with fans.

On an online forum, fans are talking about Minho from SHINee and his funny reaction to IVE Jang Wonyoung‘s adorable puppy impersonation during a video call.

In Jang Wonyoung‘s video, she says, “How can you ask for a refund at a puppy cafe? I gave you woof woof! I did a wink for you! I did puppy ears for you! It’s too much!

At first, Minho didn’t know how to imitate it when a fan asked him to do the same. But when he saw Jang Wonyoung‘s original video, his reaction was pure shock, which made everyone online burst into laughter.

Despite being surprised at first, Minho was a good sport and recreated the puppy impersonation, which delighted his fans.

In the comments section, fans had a lot to say:

“OMG, LOL, he looks like a big dog while Jang Wonyoung’s looks like a small puppy.”

“Jang Wonyoung’s version is like a Pomeranian, and Minho’s is like a Golden Retriever.”

“Minho looks like a Samoyed, LOL, why are his eyes so big?”

“His eyes are HUGE, LOL.”

“His reaction, looooooool.”

“He looks SO handsome, though, OMG.”

“A handsome big dog.”

“He pulled through, LOL.”

“He is sooooo serious, lmao.”

“I think the Minho version looks like he might punch you with his giant paw if you ask for a refund, lmao.”

“This is the sunbae vibe, lol.”

“There’s a reason why SHINee has been going strong for so long… they are so good at this, lol.”

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