“How can I sleep now?” — ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon blesses fans hearts again with ‘goodnight’ selfie in recent Twitter post

ENHYPEN‘s Sunghoon stuns fans with a gorgeous “good night” selfie!

On September 9th, ENHYPEN‘s Sunghoon made fans swoon with a stunning mirror selfie he shared on the group’s official Twitter. He captioned it with, “Engene, good night 🙂“.

In the photo, Sunghoon looked dashing with his dark eyebrows, jet-black hair stylishly swept to the side, and sharp facial features.

Fans couldn’t contain their excitement, and some even joked, “How can we sleep well after you post something like this?

Check out Sunghoon‘s post below:

Netizens couldn’t help but comment:

“Why does he keep getting more handsome every day?”

“He’s perfection in every way.”

“His shoulder line is unreal, so pretty.”

“Sunghoon has it all: looks, height, and charm.”

“Park Sunghoon, why are you making me feel like this?”

“I guess I can only meet him in my dreams.”

“Sigh, he’s just so handsome.”

“These days, only Park Sunghoon looks like a real man to me.”

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