“He’s SM’s pride with those looks” — Netizens say RIIZE’s Wonbin changed the visual standard for 5th-gen male idols

K-pop sensation Wonbin from the group RIIZE is setting the internet ablaze with his jaw-dropping good looks. Fans have been buzzing about his exceptional visual appeal, especially in candid fan-taken photos.

One netizen took to an online forum to share recent snapshots of Wonbin with the caption: “Wonbin is incredibly handsome.”

The post quickly gained attention, and other netizens joined the discussion, leaving comments like “He’s a pride of SM Entertainment with those looks,” “He’s even more handsome in real life,” “His candid photos are mind-blowing,” “He radiates innocence and handsomeness,” and “He could pass as a doll.”

Many have also noticed the uncanny resemblance between Wonbin and popular K-pop idols like NCT‘s Jungwoo, Winwin, Jaejoong, and EXO’s D.O. His enchanting visuals, especially during fansign events, have only heightened fans’ fascination.

Here are more reactions:

“He’s a different person on and off the stage…charismatic on stage, sweet off-stage.”

“His eyes and lips have the prettiest shapes.”

“An idol with looks like his is a must-have.”

“I audibly gasped when I saw him.”

“I usually follow girl groups, but I can’t resist this man’s visuals.”

“Now, this is what I call a real visual. Some others were overhyped, honestly.”

“He looks like someone who’d have a fan following wherever he goes.”

“His speaking style is unexpectedly cute, lol.”

“He’s destined to be the visual king of the 5th generation idols.”

“His hairstyle is on point; I don’t understand the haters.”

“His height is unbelievable; his proportions must be incredible.”

“He reminds me of a young Takuya Kimura, maybe because of the long hair.”

“He’s already a legend in the making.”

“The word ‘pretty’ perfectly describes him, I think.”

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