“Don’t ever cut your hair Wonbin!” Netizens Go Crazy Over RIIZE’s Wonbin After He Appeared On “Music Bank”

As a new hero, he is definitely making waves.

Even though SM Entertainment’s new boy group RIIZE has only been out for a few days, their skilled members are already making waves in the K-Pop world!

They’ve been busy promoting their first record, Get A Guitar, on different music shows.

Netizens have been impressed by how professional and charismatic they are on stage, even though they’re brand new.

One member, Wonbin, in particular, has been getting a lot of good press.

Before he came out, he got a lot of praise for how he looked, and now that he’s shown how good he is as an artist, fans love him even more!

A recent post on an online site had fans gushing about how good he looked at RIIZE‘s recent Music Bank show.

Even though the quality of the photos of Wonbin from his fancams isn’t the best, no one can deny how handsome he is.

People can’t get enough of his retro looks, especially his long hair, which fans have asked him not to cut.

SM Entertainment knew exactly what they were doing when they took Wonbin on as a trainee, and he seems to be the only one who has helped RIIZE‘s fan base grow by a very large amount.

Here’s what people are saying about his beautiful Music Bank videos! Even people who don’t like RIIZE that much or weren’t sure if they wanted to check them out can’t seem to stay away from Wonbin.

We can’t wait to see how Wonbin and the other members of RIIZE change as their careers as idols take off!



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