“He is so cute, I could d*ee!” RIIZE’s Anton is the new lovable “giant baby” of the 4th generation

With the release of RIIZE, SM Entertainment‘s new hot 4th generation boy group, many K-Pop fans are getting interested in the group’s members.

The group’s leader Anton, who was born in 2004, is quickly attracting “mom” and “noona” fans with his cute and classic “giant baby” feelings.

Anton‘s “giant baby” charms made a lot of noise after RIIZE‘s first official mini fan meeting, which was held after the recording of MBC’s “Music Core” on September 9.

“3-piece aegyo gift set”: Hiding behind Eunseok.

/Thanking his dad, producer Yoon Sang, for giving him money on ‘Music Bank’ /

In fact, many “mom” and “noona” fans are envious of Yoon Sang just “for being Chanyoung’s dad”!

Some people said,

“He is so cute that I could dieeeee.”
“I also want to give him money.”
“Why am I giggling like I just gave birth to this baby? Kekekekeke.”
“Chanyoung, it’s your dad. Give me the number of your bank account so I can send you money.”
“If only I were Yoon Sang…”
“TT is such a big, big cutie!”
“He makes me think of when Taemin made his start.”
“I hate Yoon Sang so much…”
“Kekekeke, his face is so cute, but the rest of him is so tall.”
“So cute and so big, keke.”
“Kekekeke, what a cute little puppy!”
“Chanyoung, how good is your dad at fighting?”
“Am I Yeon Sang? Why do I feel like such a proud father..”

Have you been learning more about the people in RIIZE?



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