“Prince coded!” Fans of ATEEZ are stunned by Yeosang’s heavenly stage pictures

He is in the military.

ATEEZ just finished the last part of their The Fellowship: Break the Wall world tour in Latin America. During late August and early September, they went to four different places.

Even though Jongho couldn’t take part because of a major injury, the other members put on great shows, just like they always do.

As always, they’ve kept their fans up to date on their tour by posting often on their social media accounts, especially Instagram.

Some of their photos and videos show what goes on behind the scenes, but they’ve also been posting photos and videos from their real stages.

Yeosang is the latest member of the group to share pictures of himself on stage during the Latin America part of their tour. Whoever took the pictures should get a raise, because they are gorgeous!

They show the different clothes he wore during the shows, like long-sleeved and sleeveless shirts that really showed off how great his body is.

He looks very relaxed and sure of himself on stage, as he should.

He can easily change from being strong, powerful, and scary to being ethereal and royal. This makes it seem like he was born to be on stage.

The comments part of the post is, not surprisingly, full of nothing but praise, awe, and compliments.



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