“It’s nice seeing them being comfortable with one another” K-netizens discuss how close BTS’s V and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo have gotten

Fans all over the world are excited that V from BTS and Jisoo from BLACKPINK are working together to represent the expensive brand Cartier.

Fans and online groups have been talking about a short but interesting video clip that shows V and Jisoo talking at the Frieze Seoul 2023 Paradise Art event.

They are the faces of the high-end gold brand Cartier around the world. Since V just joined Cartier a few months ago, there are more hopes that V and Jisoo will be seen more often together in the future.

Jisoo and V were both MCs for the 2017 SBS K-pop Super Concert, and fans say that after that, the two became close friends.People on the Internet said, “They’re both Cartier ambassadors, so we’ll see them more often,” “It’s so interesting to watch them talk to each other,” “Rose was there, too, and all three of them seemed to get along very well,” “They seem to be getting along well, which is likely because they are the same age. Also, they look great together,” and “It’s cool to see them together.”



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