“His movements makes me laugh so much” G-Dragon and Kim Go Eun’s “Shy” Frieze Event Interaction Draws Attention

Even after the event, GD shared a picture!

Fans are talking a lot about a video clip of G-Dragon from BIGBANG and actress Kim Go Eun talking to each other.

The Frieze 2023 Paradise Art Festa took place on September 4, and many famous people were there.

Fans love events like these because they give them the chance to see their favorite stars connect.

A clip from the event showing BTS‘s V, BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo, members of NewJeans, and actors Lee Soo Hyuk and Jung Ho Yeon all sitting at the same table went popular because of how many famous people were there.

Fans also went crazy when a video of a rare meeting between members of BTS and BLACKPINK was put online.

Kim Go Eun, an actress, was also there. A video of her being shy in front of the event’s picture wall went viral and made netizens like her even more.

The actress’s unplanned meeting with G-Dragon was another big surprise for her fans. It looks like they were asked to take pictures as they were walking around the event.

After posing normally, G-Dragon squats down and points back at Kim Go Eun, just like the picture that went viral of Will Smith pointing at his wife Jada Pinkett Smith on the red carpet.

Kim Go Eun was embarrassed by all the attention, so it wasn’t a surprise that she tripped as she tried to move away.

G-Dragon also had a funny response. As he slowly turned around and faced the wall, he looked a little embarrassed.

Fans thought it was very cute and laughed at the two of them.



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