“I’m getting teary-eyed with how sweet he is!” ZEROBASEONE’s Kim Gyuvin gets a lot of attention for carrying a fan’s gift with him

He’s just too nice!

Kim Gyuvin, who is part of the band ZEROBASEONE (also known as ZB1), is going popular for the cutest reason.

At a recent fan meeting, Gyuvin talked to a ZEROSE fan who showed him a picture of a necklace they had sent him to see if he had gotten it.

He pulled it out of his pocket, which was a surprise! He seemed surprised to have met ZEROSE, the person who gave him the gold.

The original poster shared the interaction and story on X, which used to be called Twitter. As of this writing, 191,300 people had seen it.

Still, a repost went popular even more, with 346,800 views as of this writing, while the original video has 450,00 views.

The video clip of the conversation went popular on the app TikTok, which lets people share videos. At the time of writing, 736.7K people have seen it.

Netizens couldn’t get over how sweet Gyuvin was, from the way he carried the gift with him to the way he acted when he opened it. Even people who hadn’t heard of him before became his fans.

Gyuvin so deserves to be loved and to do well.



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