“Daddy please choke me and kill me now!” MONSTA X’s I.M Goes Viral For Stripping, Performing Shirtless

He made people go MONBEBEs!

The 2023 Respect Festival was I.M‘s first festival as a solo act, and he did not disappoint.

I.M surprised everyone, including his pianist, when he took off his shirt and did the rest of his set naked.

I.M. changed his own clothes, which made his already hot songs even hotter. MONBEBEs couldn’t wait for it.

By taking off his shirt, I.M. gave everyone a chance to see not only his body, but also his beautiful tattoos.

He is a work of art in every way.


like I enjoy it but pls show me something different every once in a while 😞 #monstax #changkyun #j00yeonist #fyp #imchangkyun

♬ Beautiful Liar – MONSTA X

THEY GOT MY MAN OUT HERE NEKKID. This is what we wake up to??! | #fyp #monbebe #changkyun #immonstax #kpop #monstax


dear I.M, i am not your strongest soldier #아이엠 #changkyun #monstax

♬ Everyday – Ariana Grande

I.M. became very popular on the social media apps TikTok and X (which used to be Twitter). He took over all of our FYPs, but we’re not mad about it.

I.M surprised everyone by saying that he had not planned to take off his shirt at first. We’re so glad he changed his mind, because it’s better for everyone.

I.M. looked so happy with MONBEBEs the whole time they were on stage.



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