ILLIT’s “Lucky Girl Syndrome” Under Fire for Plagiarism Claims

ILLIT’s track “Lucky Girl Syndrome” is currently in the hot seat, facing allegations of plagiarism.

On May 2, the online world started buzzing with comparisons between “Lucky Girl Syndrome”, a song from ILLIT’s debut EP ‘Super Real Me’, and “Favorite Liar”, a 2016 track by American pop rock band The Wrecks.

The topic quickly gained traction on the online community board theqoo, with many netizens voicing their belief that the two songs bear a striking resemblance.

Comments flooded in, with netizens saying, “It’s quite similar,” “It’s the same,” “It’s way too similar,” and “I’m shocked that it sounds the same to my ears, but people still claim it’s not plagiarized? The industry is fascinating.”

So, what’s your take on this? Do you think “Lucky Girl Syndrome” and “Favorite Liar” sound alike?

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