“No originality, it sounded more like Meghan Trainor” Netizens Blame P Nation For Their Disappointment In MAMAMOO Hwasa’s “I Love My Body”

“I’m glad P Nation is making her happy, but GOD I HATE P NATION MUSIC.”

Hwasa of MAMAMOO put out her first song today since she left RBW and joined P Nation. “I Love My Body” is the name of the song, and its message is very Hwasa-like. In the teasers and music video, she looked absolutely beautiful.

Fans were hoping that this would be another hit from the MAMAMOO maknae because the message and teases were so good. Now that the song is out, however, many people are unhappy.

Netizens are saying that “I Love My Body” sounds like a typical Meghan Trainor song based on a bunch of comments about the song on Reddit.

They think that, even though the words have a good message, they are too simple and not creative enough for a song by Hwasa.

But Hwasa‘s new label is being blamed, not she herself, for the “disappointing” song. K-Pop fans have noticed a pattern in the music that P Nation puts out, and this isn’t the first time that an artist has joined the label only to put out songs that aren’t their normal style and therefore disappoint fans.

HyunA is a good example of this. When she was with P Nation, many internet users thought that her music changed in a way that they didn’t like.

Some people are saying that the only good thing about “I Love My Body” is Hwasa herself, because she has such a great voice and is so confident and charismatic.

Even so, people on Reddit have still said bad things about the song.

All of the most popular comments on the post about “I Love My Body” are negative and blame P Nation for the song’s lackluster sound.

They hope that Hwasa will go back to the kind of music that made her famous and put her beautiful voice to good use in the future.



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