“Indeed, a fashion icon!” Red Velvet’s Joy Shows Off Over $7,500 in Jewelery On One Hand

Once again, the Red Velvet star has shown that she is a fashion queen.

If you’ve ever thought what it would be like to be a rich and stylish K-Pop star, Red Velvet‘s Joy is here to show you. In a recent birthday-related Instagram post, the skilled singer and dancer showed off more than just her celebrations.

Since then, the post has gotten a lot of attention for the amazing $7,700 worth of gold that Joy wore, all of which was on just one hand.

Fans couldn’t help but focus on one picture, even though there were also pictures of a fancy meal and beautiful flowers she got on her special day.

This picture focused on Joy‘s hand and showed off two beautiful pieces of jewelry that showed off the singer’s taste.

A white gold ring from the famous brand CHANEL was the first thing that caught many people’s eyes. This high-end piece is called the “Coco Crush Ring,” and it stands out with a quilted pattern and 18k diamonds.

Not only its beauty, but also how much it costs, has drawn attention. This ring alone costs an unbelievable $4,000.

But her finger wasn’t the only thing that was rich. A CARTIER work of art gracefully wrapped around her wrist. The “Tank Francaise Watch,” a classic piece made of steel, has a long history of style and class.

With a price tag of $3,700, it’s clear that Joy likes the nicer things in life.

The fact that both pieces add up to $7,700 shows how much Joy likes expensive items. It’s not unusual for K-Pop stars to show off their wealth in this way.

They often wear high-end brands, which not only show off their success but also their style.

Many people are amazed by Joy‘s extravagant show, and others like how she mixes her own style with high fashion so well.

Aside from the price tags and the sparkling diamonds, what makes Joy stand out is the way she carries herself with grace and style, which makes even the most expensive pieces look like they were put together with ease.

The Red Velvet star has once again shown that she is not only a musical force to be reckoned with but also a fashion icon for her age.



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