“He got a point!” Kang Ki Young talks about working with “The Uncanny Counter” co-star Jo Byung Gyu despite bullying claims

The second season of The Uncanny Counter is now showing. The show was picked up for a second season because the first one did so well.

One of the main characters, Jo Byung Gyu, was accused of bullying at school between seasons.

Jo Byung Gyu has rejected this over and over, but the person who accused him keeps making the same claims. So, the case has not yet come to a good end.

As the claims keep floating around, his co-star Kang Ki Young was asked what he thought about being in a drama where there was a chance of school violence.

Kang Ki Young knew just how to answer the hard question.

“To be honest, I wouldn’t have been in the play in the first place if I cared so much about that problem. I watched the first season and liked it, so I was looking forward to the second. When they offered me the part of the bad guy, I only saw it for the drama that it was. I saw the players’ chemistry and tried hard not to think about anything else.”
Kang Ki Young

Kang Ki Young gave a good answer as a worker in the field.



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