“Having this name makes me pressured to be successful…” RIIZE’s Wonbin is honest about the pressure his name alone puts on him

After all, it is THE Wonbin.

The new boy band RIIZE from SM Entertainment had their first show on September 4, 2023. Fans loved their songs “Get a Guitar” and “Memories.”

During the performance, the press asked the boys a few questions. A reporter asked visual member Wonbin what it was like to have the same name as one of South Korea’s best-known stars.

One of South Korea’s most handsome stars is named Wonbin. Even though his last movie, The Man From Nowhere, came out in 2010, he is still in demand because of how handsome he is.

Wonbin of RIIZE said that having the same stage name as the star did make him feel a little bit of pressure.

“That’s really my name. I do feel some pressure at times, but since it’s a name my parents chose with all their hearts, I’m going to be strong and work hard.—” Wonbin

A lot of people thought that he had every right to use that name. He looks just like the star Won Bin.

I find it interesting that no one here is making fun of him. Likely, it’s because he’s attractive.
Please don’t be afraid.
You have every right to take on the weight of that name.
You have earned the right to carry the weight of that cap.
You did well.
Be sure of yourself, because you already deserve that name.
Go go.
He reminds me of Rowoon.
He really does live up to his name. I want to know why his parents chose that name for him.

His real name is Kim Do Jin, but everyone calls him Won Bin. But for decades, he has been going by the stage name Won Bin. The real name of RIIZE‘s Wonbin, on the other hand, is Park Wonbin. He chose to use only Wonbin as his stage name.



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