“Unnie stop using it, you don’t need them!” (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon stunned netizens when she removed her hair extensions and looked sexier than ever

“Hide all of the hair extensions, we don’t want them.”

(G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon has become a hot topic after she wowed netizens with her sexy AF look at a recent event and her famous looks without any hair extensions.

Since her first show, Soyeon‘s clothes have always made a statement.

Soyeon has been shining since she tried bangs for the first time and got a new haircut.

Soyeon went to a Barney’s New York event on August 31 (KST).

As soon as Soyeon was seen, she really shocked fans with how strange she looked and what she was wearing.

Even though she was going for a “rockier” and “edgier” look, Soyeon didn’t forget her statement platform shoes, which gave the outfit another dimension.

Netizens especially couldn’t get over Soyeon‘s hair because the singer has had extensions added to her new bangs in the past.

During the event, Soyeon got rid of her hair extensions and showed off a trendy new haircut that was much shorter and went well with her outfit.

Even in pictures taken by fans, Soyeon looks beautiful, and her unique outfit really shows who she is as a star and what (G)I-DLE is all about.

When the pictures came out, netizens couldn’t get over Soyeon‘s casual but sexy look, which showed off her unreal style and body, and they were also crazy about her hair.

Soyeon has had short hair before, but this is the first time the public has seen the star with bangs and no extensions.

It wasn’t the first time Soyeon had been seen without her extensions. The day before, the star posted some beautiful photos of herself wearing statement pieces by Calvin Klein.

Even then, fans couldn’t stop praising the idol’s beauty without the extensions, and they loved how Soyeon looked with the more edgy style.

Many people want the stylists to get rid of the extensions for good, just like Miyeon, who has also been seen without them lately.

It looks like stars are getting more comfortable with their hair, so it’s no surprise that netizens are crazy about them.



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