“It’s really hillarious, LMAO!” BLACKPINK’s Lisa experiences fear when someone she doesn’t know does something unexpected at the airport

It wasn’t what Lisa thought it would be.

Lisa from BLACKPINK got surprised by someone she didn’t expect at the airport. This made people on the internet laugh out loud.

Lisa got to Incheon Airport on August 31. She was going to Bangkok for a meeting outside of Korea.

As expected, Lisa looked beautiful in a casual outfit that the star made look like it was ready for a designer catwalk.

Lisa met the media and people who had been waiting for her as she walked through the airport.

Lisa was walking when she heard a dog barking out of the blue. This scared her.

The hero couldn’t stop laughing when Lisa told him what had happened.

When the video came out, people couldn’t get over how cute Lisa was when the dog barked.

Normaly, when stars go to the airport, fans or reporters can take them back, but when a hyper dog showed up, Lisa was shocked.

Even though Lisa has a cute dog of her own, it’s not strange that the sudden high-pitched barking startled her, especially since she was trying to talk to the reporters at the time.



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