AKMU’s Lee Su Hyun Revealed Why it is Hard for her to Lose Weight, “I have a…”

AKMU‘s Lee Su Hyun directly mentioned why he couldn’t lose weight, which is a hot topic.

Recently, a personal live video of Lee Su Hyun making such remarks was spread online, drawing attention.

The Lee Su Hyun in the video says with a serious expression, “I can’t lose weight because you keep saying I’m cute and lovely.” Then, she explodes cuteness by saying, “She cut me cute.”

In this video, netizens are cheering for the loveliness of Lee Su Hyun, saying, “You don’t have to lose weight.” In particular, the word “cute lighting” itself is cute itself.

In May, Lee Su Hyun said on her YouTube channel that she had suffered from bulimia but was almost cured.

She said, “Even if I’m not hungry, I have a habit of having to eat something when I’m stressed. It’s not my will. When I came to my senses, I found out that ‘this is bulimia’ after seeing him eat full a few times.”

In response, fans are voicing one voice that health comes first rather than feeling pressure about weight.

Meanwhile, Akdong Musician released its fourth single “Love Lee” on the 21st and made a comeback. The lyrics, which honestly and tactfully express the feelings of falling in love with a new song in two years, are characterized by the bright energy of the past AKMU and the maturity of the current AKMU.



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