A lot of Korean internet users aren’t too happy with RIIZE Sohee’s vocal abilities, that left them asking “He’s the main vocalist?”

Sohee‘s risky attempt to show off his singing seems to have failed.

The new boy group from SM Entertainment, RIIZE, recently made a big splash on NAVER’s new comedy and music show NPOP.

The show, whose goal is to show off the best of Korean pop culture, had the boy band do a variety of things to impress the audience. But Sohee’s brave attempt to show off his voice seems to have failed.

The group made an impact on NPOP when they played their unreleased single “Memories.” With this song, they not only set the stage on fire, but they also gave fans a sneak peek at what’s to come with a pre-recorded performance of the title track from their next album, “Get A Guitar.”

Sohee stood out in the group because she did something brave. He tried to make a name for himself by singing “If It Was Me,” a famous ballad by No Yoon Kwon that requires a strong voice to do it right.

Sohee‘s version of the song didn’t get applause, though. Instead, it seemed to become a source of disagreement.

People in Korea quickly went online, especially to TheQoo, where a video of his show quickly went viral.

A post that included a clip of Sohee‘s cover got more than 47,300 views and more than 830 comments that were all surprised and disappointed.

Many people pointed out the big difference between Sohee‘s studio recordings and his live singing. They felt that his live singing wasn’t as good, especially when compared to SM Entertainment’s other main singers.

Some even worried that the quality of singers in newer K-Pop groups was going down, and the RIIZE star became the center of this conversation.

The online community also struggled with not knowing exactly what Sohee‘s role was in RIIZE. Was he really the lead singer?

If so, it seems like many people’s hopes were not met. This lack of clarity added fuel to the fire of criticism that was already going strong.

“There must not be any good people around these days….”
“There are a lot of performance heroes who can’t sing these days. In general, it’s true that we don’t have high hopes for singing.
“I thought he was the main singer?”
“He’s the lead singer, right?”
“I guess men don’t have any more good ideas these days.”
“They never said he was the lead singer, so why is everyone talking about him as the lead singer?”
“Is he the main singer?”
“Maybe I had too high of hopes?”
“They say that there is a shortage of trainees. Is it possible?”

“The main singers for NCT or aespa aren’t that great either, so why are you making a big deal out of this guy?”
“I think he has a good voice for recording, but his live performance isn’t as good as I thought it would be. He’s definitely not as strong as other SM groups.”
“He’s just at the level where Sinchon busks lol”
“He’s not a good singer in general, whether he’s the lead singer or not. He doesn’t know how to use his voice properly.



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