“Oppa, please bite me and KILL ME NOW!” Stray Kids’ Hyunjin’s latest Instagram post exudes seductive vampire vibes

“If they killed the Volturi.”

Since the members of Stray Kids got their own Instagram accounts about a month ago, they’ve been giving their fans more frequent glimpses of their lives behind the scenes.

Hyunjin has been using his account to share his art as well as selfies and other pictures of his good looks, and he’s quickly become the second most-followed member after Felix.

He shared a new set of photos of himself earlier today, and fans are swooning over his heavenly beauty.

In the three shots, Hyunjin looks like a hot vampire because she is wearing a dark suit with red roses on it.

Even his shadow is beautiful, as shown by a picture of just his silhouette.

Whoever dressed him for this photoshoot knew what they were doing because the pictures are red and black, which goes well with how he looks like a doll.

On social media, the shots are already getting a lot of attention that they deserve.

Most of the comments on the post itself are good, and many of them talk about how beautiful Hyunjin is.

Hyunjin seems to be able to pull off any style because she has so many different looks.



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