“His reason is really hillarious!” 2PM’s Nichkhun doesn’t want his mother to see the movie he was in

The color of his ears gave him away.

Nichkhun from the group 2PM recently talked about his NSFW parts in his first Hollywood movie.

On August 31, 2PM was on the show Beat Coin on KBS2. It had been a while since everyone got together as a group because they had been working on their own projects.

On the show, they talked about what they had been doing recently. Nichkhun told them that he had been doing things abroad and that he had been in a Hollywood movie.

In answer, the members of 2PM talked about what the movie was like as a group.

“It’s a love story, but it’s bold, sensual, and intense.”2PM Members

Kim Sook, the host and entertainer, was excited to see the film and asked, “Did you take off your clothes?” The guys of 2PM answered that it wasn’t just stripping.

“It’s not important enough to ask if he took off his clothes or not.”— 2PM

When people talked about his NSFW movie, Nichkhun got red in the face and said what kind of movie it was.

“I went to work on the last part of the movie, and I was in the first scene. For the first time, I didn’t want my mom to see it.”Nikchon

The movie in question is called The Modelizer, and it stars Byron Mann as a young photographer named Shawn, who is a Hong Kong businessman who only dates models, and Rayssa Bratillieri as a Brazilian model who changes his view on love and relationships.

Bucky is Shawn’s friend who likes parties and the nightlife. Nichkhun plays Bucky.

Netizens were shocked by the sexual scenes with women that Nichkhun was in in the movie, like the one where Shawn has sex with a model.

Shawn could see the 2PM member having sex with another woman across the room. Even though this kind of NSFW content is common in movies, netizens were surprised to see a K-Pop star act it out.

The Modelizer is Nichkhun‘s first movie in Hollywood, and many people are excited to see what he does next.



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