“Oppa is hotter than ever!” Photos of Lee Do Hyun taken during his military training by the Air Force Military Training Unit are made public

Recently, new photos of actor Lee Do Hyun at the military training center came out, which got a lot of people’s attention.

On August 30, pictures of Lee Do Hyun‘s unit, the 850th Brigade,’s first week of training were posted on the website of the Air Force Military Training Unit.

In the pictures, Lee Do Hyun looked stronger and was smiling his usual smile. Fans were glad to see an update on the actor after he joined the military.

He was also caught on camera smiling with other trainees in the same unit. He had a big smile on his face and wore his new buzz-cut hairstyle with ease.

Fans and people who liked him liked this casual, military-style change.

Fans and commenters have said things like, “He doesn’t look like he joined the military, he looks like he’s in a movie,” about Lee Do Hyun‘s good looks.

Lee Do Hyun told his friends before that he would join the military. He said, “Soon, I’m going to join the army. I promise to come back as a better, happier person and get back to acting with a new sense of purpose.”



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