“Her commanding presence is superb!” DIOR’s “Golden Girl” BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Looks Like A True Princess At The “Lady DIOR Celebration”

At DIOR parties, Jisoo is always treated like a king or queen.

Jisoo of BLACKPINK is called the “Golden Girl” of DIOR. Since it was reported that the idol would be the brand’s ambassador, she has been treated like a Princess and shown off the perfect images for the designer brand.

The “Lady Dior Celebration” show, which is being held in Seoul, had a special opening on September 1.

Netizens assumed that Jisoo would show up, even though it wasn’t confirmed.

After what seemed like hours of waiting, Jisoo finally showed up and quickly became one of the biggest stars there and the real “Golden Girl.”

Jisoo looked very classy in the close-up pictures. She had a classic hairstyle and the light makeup she is known for.

Of course, her pretty dress made her look even better. It was a classic form that fit the beautiful history of DIOR and let Jisoo‘s classic looks and figure stand out.

Some pictures, in particular, made Jisoo look like she had just walked out of a K-drama because of how she was walking and acting at the event.

People wouldn’t have been surprised if they thought the picture was of a Hollywood star from the 1940s, because she looked so classic.

Jisoo looked very elegant as she walked into the place and talked to people while the media took pictures of her.

When Jisoo walked in, it wasn’t strange that everyone looked at her. She talked to people, let the press take her picture, and made sure to look at the exhibition.

When the photos and videos were shared online, netizens couldn’t get over how Jisoo looked and was treated like a real princess.

Jisoo will always be the “Golden Girl” of DIOR, and wherever she goes, any event put on by the brand treats her like a star.



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