“Baby no more ” Netizens were surprised when NewJeans’ Danielle wore a bolder and more mature look at a YSL pop-up store

“YSL brings out a completely different side of Danielle Marsh…”

NewJeansDanielle wowed commenters with a bolder, more grown-up look at a recent YSL event, and fans can’t get over how much the brand has changed her.

Danielle has been to a lot of events since her start. Whether they are brand events or movie premieres, she always looks great.

Each time, she solidifies her unreal looks and shocks her fans with a new outfit that shows a different side of her.

On September 1, Danielle went to a YSL pop-up shop in Korea. It was the same thing. As usual, the idol looked perfect when she met with the press.

Danielle‘s looks and charm always stand out, but critics couldn’t get over how bold she looked. Danielle was wearing a simple black dress, but she looked much more adult with her leather jacket, choker, and killer heels.

In particular, netizens brought back other famous photos of Danielle and YSL and said how much they loved the image that the brand made with the young idol.

They think that Danielle looks beautiful everywhere she goes, but that the brand brings out a different side of the cute idol, a more adult and bold side.

As always, NewJeans keep showing their impact, and Danielle fits the YSL vibes perfectly by making her looks and visuals more elegant and bold than the typical Y2K look the group is known for.



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