“Behave oppa, you’re making me sinned” SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Flexes his Muscular Arms in Latest Post

The drought in Mingyu that lasted a month is over!

Since Mingyu of SEVENTEEN made his personal Instagram account, he has been pretty steady with posting on the social media site.

He usually makes several posts a month, giving his more than 11 million fans a look at his life behind the scenes. In fact, only DK has more posts than him out of the SEVENTEEN members, and it’s not by much!

That’s why Mingyu hasn’t shared anything new on Instagram since July 29—an unusually quiet month for him. Until now, at least!

And it was a very nice thing to see. The post had both pictures and short videos of Mingyu wearing a sweater “wrong” and showing off one of his big, muscular arms.

The “Mingyu-drought” of the last month is over with this much-loved post, and fans couldn’t be happy about it.

The movies on the post are also edited in a cute way, which makes the pictures even cuter.

Here’s how fans are responding to the Instagram post in the comments!



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