“OMG, Kill me now!” Netizens are once again swooning over ZEROBASEONE’s Sung Hanbin’s stunning visuals

Even though ZEROBASEONE has only been together for about two months, they are already making waves in the K-Pop scene.

During their time on Boys Planet, the members earned a lot of fans, and those fans have only grown in the months since the show ended, thanks to the idols’ charm, talent, and good looks.

From the beginning, Sung Hanbin was a fan favorite, and many fans still look at him for many different reasons.

He keeps getting attention online because of how good-looking he is, which is true, but the fact that he also seems nice and honest makes him even more handsome and attractive.

His looks have been talked about on an online site again recently, and it’s not the first time netizens have fallen in love with him. Fans’ pictures were used to show how handsome he is, and all of them are beautiful.

Fans can’t get enough of how beautiful ZEROBASEONE‘s boss is, and we don’t blame them!

People have nothing but good things to say about the talented and good-looking rookie idol in the comments part of the forum post.



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