“Wait, Whaaat?!” The Challenges “Mask Girl” Star Ahn Jae Hong Went Through to Play His Character— And No One Knew About It

Mask Girl has brought Ahn Jae Hong a lot of attention for how well he plays his roles. He plays the lonely nerd who likes the live streamer “Mask Girl.

He had to act like a socially awkward middle-aged man in order to play the part of Ju Oh Nam, the nerd. In the part, his “loser-like traits” helped him get a lot of praise and attention.

Ahn Jae Hong had to look a little bigger than usual to look more like the original character.

Many people thought he put on weight on purpose to play the part, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. He said in an interview that he used fake parts to make it look like he had a belly.

He was a little disappointed that no one saw this.

Of course, that just shows how good an actor he is. Ahn Jae Hong knows this, but even though he was happy about the praise, it still made him feel a little sad.

Netizens praised him again for his acting, and they were happy to see how he looked outside of the part.

I got chills from how well he could act. Why is it that he is so good at being a bad person?
He is what the character is all about. Even the belly is gone from my mind.
What the heck, why is he so pretty?
I’m really into him right now. He looks so good like this. Even now, I’m watching Be Melodramatic again.
What the heck, Jae Hong is cute!
I thought he had put on a little weight…
[Reply to] I agree, Ahn Jae Hong is so cute.
Wow, why does he look so good in the pictures?

In Mask Girl, Ahn Jae Hong played Ju Oh Nam himself! It’s not surprising that people didn’t realize it was all an outfit!



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