“Oppa is Gorgeous” Park Bo Gum’s great looks make people stop and stare on the busy sidewalks of Shibuya, Japan

Netizens were interested in what actor Park Bo Gum looked like on the streets of Shibuya, Japan.

On August 23, a group of photos with the title “Park Bo Gum was seen on the streets of Shibuya after a Celine event” were shared on the Internet.

The charming actor had been at a big event put on by the expensive brand Celine. After this event was over, a lot of pictures of him just walking around Shibuya with staff members were posted online.

Even in the middle of a big crowd, Park Bo Gum‘s face, which wasn’t covered by a hat or a mask, was a sight to see and left people shocked.

Especially, his beautiful face and unique body were on full display, which got the attention of commenters.

Park Bo Gum kept wearing the all-black outfit he wore to the Celine event. This was the epitome of a stylish and classy look. His slick style was shown off by his black leather jacket and open shirt.

Since it was hot, Park Bo Gum took off his jacket in style to show off his toned, athletic body. People talked a lot on the internet about how he shaped his wrists.

He has a soft face, but his muscles are in great shape, which is a stark difference.

Netizens were drawn to Park Bo Gum‘s beauty, and his pictures quickly got a lot of praise.

Netizens who saw the pictures liked how he looked and said things like, “Even from behind, he looks like a powerful celebrity.” “So, these are the types of people who become famous. ” “His aura is amazing.” “It’s unfair to have a body like that,” “People who are good-looking shouldn’t work out,” “He’s so incredibly handsome,” “He seems to be getting even better-looking,” and “In Korea, he looks great.”



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