“What a hottie” — Singer Baekho undergoes a completely wild transformation in solo ‘Dazed’ pictorial

Singer Baekho has caused a stir with his latest photoshoot for the September edition of ‘Dazed’ magazine, leaving fans in awe.

In these new pictures, Baekho breaks away from his usual calm and strong image. Instead, he embraces a wild and eccentric look that’s full of energy.

Fans of the musician were taken by surprise at this dramatic change, leaving them unsure about their own feelings!

Here are some fan comments:

“I could never have imagined him looking this good in such a different style…”

“He’s like a whole new person now.”

“How can he rock this concept so perfectly?”

“Looking so handsome!”

“I feel like I’m meeting him for the first time.”

Meanwhile, Baekho is all set to release his new digital single “Elevator” on August 31 at 6 PM KST.



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