TWICE’s Jihyo wows with incredible back muscles in recent video appearance with Kim Jong Kook

TWICE‘s Jihyo is making waves online with her impressive back muscles in a recent video, and even fitness enthusiast Kim Jong Kook was amazed.

Jihyo is not only super talented and gorgeous but also has an incredible body, especially her remarkable back muscles that always catch people’s eyes.

She recently appeared on Kim Jong Kook‘s YouTube channel. He often invites idols to showcase their workout routines.

During the show, Jihyo flaunted her amazing muscles, her figure, and her athleticism while using various exercise equipment.

When the video was posted, internet users were stunned by Jihyo‘s muscular physique. Even though they had seen her muscles before, the workout video highlighted them even more. People also loved that both guys in the video were really impressed.

But it wasn’t just internet users who were amazed by Jihyo‘s extraordinary muscles and strength. Throughout the video, both Kim Jong Kook and the other trainer couldn’t stop praising Jihyo.

Whether it was her quick grasp of the exercises or her confident stance while using the gym equipment, Jihyo truly surprised the two men, and they even called it “awesome.”

Jihyo always manages to surprise internet users with her talent, beauty, charm, and body. Even dedicated gym enthusiasts can’t help but be impressed.



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