“Unnie deserves the tightest hug” TWICE’s Jihyo talks about why she “suffered a lot” after their debut

Jihyo of TWICE finally made her long-awaited solo launch on August 18 with the release of her solo EP ZONE.

To celebrate her solo debut, the talented TWICE leader went on Lee Mujin Service with soloist Lee Mujin and talked about her 18 years in the entertainment business.

In 2005, Jihyo of TWICE became a trainee at JYP Entertainment. Jihyo was only eight years old at the time, and she spent the rest of her childhood studying for her debut, which happened with TWICE‘s The Story Begins ten years later, in 2015.

Jihyo told Vulture magazine in an interview that after ten years of being a trainee and dreaming of her launch, she felt lost when it finally happened because she had reached her first goal.

“To be honest, when I was a trainee, all I wanted to do was make my appearance and become a singer. And after I reached that first goal, I remember feeling a little lost. I didn’t know what to be excited about.”TWICE‘s Jihyo

She told Lee Mujin that she also “suffered a lot” after her launch because of other things. Pop songs by TWICE are known for being happy and upbeat.

Jihyo said that when the group was training, they mostly sang pop songs, but she liked other types better.

She said that because of this, she was “scolded a lot” and “many people” told her she “couldn’t sing well.”

Jihyo thought that her voice as a hero and the voice of the artist she wanted to be “collided a lot,” which made her wonder, “What [was] right?” a long time ago.

Jihyo‘s solo EP gave her the freedom to sing in any way she wanted, and four of ZONE‘s songs were written with her.



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