“The stunts are crazy!” Go Hyun Jung’s Stellar Performance in ‘Mask Girl’ Maintains its Glowing Reputation

In a resounding testament to her acting prowess, actress Go Hyun Jung‘s remarkable performance in the Netflix original series ‘Mask Girl‘ continues to garner accolades.

Mask Girl‘ weaves a captivating narrative around the life of Kim Momi, an unassuming office worker burdened by appearance insecurities.

By night, she transforms into an enigmatic internet broadcaster known as a BJ (streamer), concealing her identity behind a mask.

As the series unfolds, Kim Momi becomes unwittingly embroiled in a series of unforeseen events that redefine her existence.

Go Hyun Jung‘s portrayal of the third iteration of Kim Momi within the ‘Mask Girl’ storyline has captivated audiences with her poignant and riveting acting, culminating in an enthralling conclusion to the narrative.

Recently released behind-the-scenes stills offer a glimpse into Go Hyun Jung‘s fervent dedication to her craft.

Engaged in daring stunts that involve scaling prison walls, she fearlessly immerses herself in her character’s challenges.

Additionally, the stills capture moments of intense concentration alongside director Kim Yong Hoon, reflecting the actress’s commitment to perfecting each scene.

Stepping into the role of Kim Momi, a middle-aged woman known within the series as prisoner number 1047, Ko Hyun-jung navigates the intricacies of a challenging prison life.

Her character, an outsider to the prison’s authoritative figure, Ahn Eun-sook, devises her own means of finding tranquility amidst the chaos.

However, an unexpected letter from beyond the prison walls prompts Kim Momi to embark on a determined path towards escape.

Reflecting on her exceptional performance in ‘Mask Girl,Go Hyun Jung shared, “The concept of a single role portrayed by three different individuals was truly intriguing. Drawing from over three decades of acting experience, I deliberately avoided relying on familiar expressions and gestures. My focus was on portraying Momi, not Ko Hyun-jung.”

Her revelation underscores the depth of effort invested in delivering a transformative portrayal in ‘Mask Girl.’

The inclusion of accomplished star Go Hyun Jung in the series, known for her distinguished filmography encompassing titles like ‘Hourglass,’ ‘Queen Seondeok,’ ‘Daemul,’ ‘Queen’s Classroom,’ and ‘Dear My Friends,’ came as an unexpected surprise to both viewers and director Kim Yong-hoon.

Director Kim Yong Hoon remarked, “Several scenes demanded physicality, including moments where the character confronted asphalt head-on—a challenge Ko Hyun-jung embraced wholeheartedly. Witnessing her dine with her face adorned in dirt or blood makeup, I was deeply moved and grateful for her unwavering dedication.”

Currently available for streaming on Netflix, ‘Mask Girl‘ stands as a testament to Go Hyun Jung‘s remarkable talent and commitment to her craft, delivering a gripping and unforgettable viewing experience.



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