“They took my breath away!” Korean netizens react to RIIZE’s first ending fairy shots going viral

The boy band has already shown that they should be taken seriously.

After their much-anticipated appearance at KCON LA 2023, RIIZE are already making waves, especially with their fairy shots at the end of their songs, which have taken the internet by storm.

The boy group was put together by the big SM Entertainment, and they are getting ready to make their appearance in September 2023. They have already shown that they are a force to be reckoned with.

At KCON LA 2023, the boys showed how talented they were in two different ways. First, “Siren” blew everyone away by showing how well the members could dance.

But that wasn’t the end. Their pre-release song “Memories” was a pleasure to listen to because it showed off their powerful vocals, which could be heard all over the venue. The venue was full of fans who cheered for RIIZE nonstop, which showed how successful they could be after their start.

Shotaro, Eunseok, Sungchan, Wonbin, Seunghan, Sohee, and Anton are all members of RIIZE. They bring a mix of skill and good looks to the group.

Each person has their own style, which adds to the group’s wide range of appeal. Since SM Entertainment has a history of making great groups, people are already very excited about RIIZE.

The group’s closing fairy shots, on the other hand, stole the show and went viral. When the show was over, these moments caught the members’ real feelings and reactions, which would go on to become an internet sensation.

People were talking about the clip on the popular community site TheQoo, and it quickly moved up the top charts.

Most of what people on the Internet said about the group was praise and respect. Fans and people who just saw them for the first time liked them right away because they were honest and looked good.

Even though they were just about to make their official debut, the members had both the innocent charm of newbies and the stage presence of stars with years of experience.

Members like Wonbin and Eunseok got a lot of love for how they looked and how charismatic they were.

“Mr. Wonbin is completely crazy.”
Eunseok just wore a plain white t-shirt, but he stands out so much. I like how his shoulders are broad.”
“It’s so funny and cute that Shotaro and
Sungchan aren’t scared.”
“I want to hear Wonbin say more things.”
“They are real beginners. And the people who have been there before aren’t scared.”
Wonbin really lives up to his nickname.”
“They are so great on stage.”
“I don’t know if it’s because they’re new, but I like that they haven’t been spoiled yet.”
Wonbin is cool. “
Sungchan‘s looks came to life when he put a hat over his hair. Make him a new haircut right now. I just saw them perform, and Sohee moves in a cute way. Fans will probably come to see him.”
“I wish they worked on their hair more, but I don’t know when else I’d see them with calm hairstyles.”



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