“I knew he would do well” — MONSTA X’s Jooheon receiving major love from his fellow soldiers in the military

MONSTA X’s Jooheon is having a good time in the military, and people online are happy about it.

People on the internet were glad to see that Jooheon from MONSTA X looks healthy and happy at the place where he’s serving in the military.

He posted pictures of his shaved head before starting his service, which made his fans feel better.

His fans noticed that he’s getting better at showing his cute side as each day goes by. In the first week, he took a picture with a flower gesture, and in the second week, he posed with a heart.

In the fourth week, Jooheon and his friends made a special hand sign that represents MONSTA X.

Some of the things people said online include:

“Wow, look at Jooheon’s happy eyes and his cute holes on his cheeks.”

“I knew he would do well.”

“He’s making friends easily.”

“He looks super cute.”

“He seems really positive.”

“It’s adorable how they all take a group picture.”

“I can’t believe it’s already been a month since he started.”

“Jooheon told his fans that he’s doing great!”

“What a lovely and positive person.”

“He really looks like he has a good attitude.”

“He’s fitting in well even there!”

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