“Am I allowed to see this?” — BTS’ RM proudly shows off his big guns in recent Weverse post

BTS‘s RM is causing excitement among fans.

The BTS member’s fit body is getting a lot of attention and making fans happy. RM is known for working out regularly, and he has surprised fans even more by showing off his well-proportioned muscles.

Recently, fans were treated to a video of RM displaying his muscles on his back and arms, which caused a stir among online users.

He is specifically shown “without a shirt on,” as mentioned in the title of the forum post.

People on social media and in the comments shared:

“Wow, that’s amazing!”

“Don’t do this unless you’re going to marry me.”

“This is RM’s era of having a big body in BTS Chapter 2.”

“I just ate, and now I’m too lazy to move even after seeing this.”

“My pet hedgehog… please put your shirt back on.”

“RM doesn’t know how devoted BTS fans are.”

“It’s surprising to see him suddenly sharing videos like this.”

“I want more videos like this from RM regularly.”

“Could this be an official series on YouTube by Big Hit?”

“Is it okay for me to watch this?”

“Is this the gym at HYBE? Do people work out without shirts there?”

“Yay, this is exciting!”

“Let’s hide RM.”

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