“How famous would she be?” — Netizens discuss what if Nana debuted at the same time with NewJeans

Could Nana be a big K-pop star now?

People online are talking about whether Nana, a former member of After School, would be famous if she started her career today.

Some say her pretty looks would make her very popular now, like IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung or NewJeans.

Someone posted pictures of Nana with the title “If Nana started now, she’d be super popular,” and said, “Her face is totally trendy and pretty.

But in the comments, people disagreed. They talked about other things about Nana, like her carefree attitude and how she’s not just about looks.

Comments include:

“Maybe she got away with more because she debuted at the right time.”

“She’s known as super beautiful, but people didn’t notice it that much.”

“Nana is already popular, how much more does she need?”

“I don’t care if she had surgery, tell me where that clinic is!”

“I think she’d be just as popular as she is now.”

“I love her look, she’s so elegant and gorgeous.”

“If she started as an actress now, she might be like Han So Hee.”

“It’s her acting and her agency that made her famous, not just being a singer.”

“She reminds me of SISTAR’s Bora, who I like.”

“Nine Muses’ Minha could’ve been super popular now, like Jang Wonyoung.”

“She looks great with innocent concepts too.”

“I think she’d have as many female fans as Han So Hee.”

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