Netizens think IVE Ahn Yujin’s new short hairdo is a big no-no

IVE‘s Ahn Yujin showed up with a new, short hairdo, and netizens are not having it!

At ‘KCON LA 2023‘, Ahn Yujin surprised viewers as she appeared with a very short hairdo. The idol star got rid of her mid-length hair and went for a boyish look.

Unfortunately, many netizens are finding Ahn Yujin‘s new look unfavorable.

Some of the comments shared are as follows:

“Why did they style her hair like that? It’s sticking up in the back, like she touched something electric. It’s like they cut off her curls.”

“I can’t believe how straight they made her hair! Her face is really pretty, but the short hair reminds me of Rapunzel after she cut it.”

“If only they had made the ends of her hair look cleaner, it would have been pretty. I saw her pictures a few days ago, and she looked really nice.”

“I think her hair got messed up during Kitsch because she was moving her head around. Before that, it looked good with the way it was styled. The stylist’s choices were strange.”

“This is just my opinion, but I think if she had the wet hair look on stage, she would look incredibly pretty, don’t you think?”

“She looked absolutely gorgeous during the short broadcast with Na PD earlier.”

“Short hair suits her really well, and she looks pretty. It’s just that the way they styled her hair today was odd.”

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