“She’s still in middle school, right?” — NewJeans Hyein’s jaw-dropping effortless beauty becomes hot topic among netizens

There are so many stars with stunning looks that make fans fall in love with them. Hyein of NewJeans could be picked as the most beautiful member of a 4th generation girl group.

Since her debut with NewJeans last year, Hyein has been getting a lot of attention and fame. Many people were mesmerized by how strange she looked and have called her one of the most beautiful K-pop stars.

Korean netizens are once again amazed by Hyein’s photos, which show her stunning beauty.

On August 17, members of NewJeans were seen leaving for Japan at the Gimpo International Airport.

On this day, Hyein was the center of attention because of how beautiful she was. She captivated both the media and the audience.

Her appearance mesmerized many fans, who left comments like:

“She has the look of a goddess.”

“Wow, what is she doing with her looks? In these pictures, she looks like an angel.”

“These photos look like a scene from a movie.”

“She looks like a movie’s main character.”

“Her hair is so beautiful.”

“Sometimes I really wonder if she’s human because she’s so beautiful.”

“She looks like she’s on the cover of a romantic fantasy movie or something.”

“I can’t believe these pictures are just from the airport.”

“These are the best pictures of her that her fan site has so far.”

“I can’t believe this aura can come from a middle schooler.”

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