“I think I fell in love with you!” SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo gives off “boyfriend material” vibes in his most recent Instagram post

When Wonwoo posts on Instagram, it’s always a good day.

Wonwoo is one of the members of SEVENTEEN who doesn’t post on Instagram as often as the others.

Sometimes he posts every day for a few days, and sometimes he doesn’t post for a month or more.

Even though he doesn’t post very often, it’s always fun when he does post new pictures on social media.

His most recent post, which was made about nine hours ago when this was written, is no different.

In the set of four photos, Wonwoo looks like the most handsome shooter in the world as he focuses intently on taking pictures.

We don’t know exactly what he’s taking pictures of, but he’s an artist, so we’re sure the pictures look great.

Dressed in a casual outfit and wearing glasses, he looks so good that many fans can easily picture him as a boyfriend taking pictures of his girlfriend.

Then again, he gives off “boyfriend material” vibes pretty much all the time, so this isn’t anything new.

Still, Carats has written a lot of comments on the post about how much they love the new photos of Wonwoo.

Wonwoo also looks happy and healthy in the pictures, which is what we hope is true.



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