“Minimal makeup suits her!” Chungha marks first public appearance at a Press Conferences after Leaving MNH Entertainment

She looks great.

In April of this year, soloist Chungha finally left her company, MNH Entertainment, which she had been with for a long time.

This happened after her seven-year deal with the company ended and she decided not to renew it.

Since then, we haven’t heard much about the soloist’s plans for the future, like if she was going to sign with a new label or put out new songs.

But it was reported that she would be performing at the KAMP Fest 2023 CDMX in Mexico on August 19.

With that performance and her appearances at a couple of Waterbomb 2023 concerts, it seems that Chungha will continue to promote herself as an independent artist.

The press took Chungha‘s picture for the first time since she left MNH Entertainment on her way to Mexico for the upcoming event.

Chungha looks as beautiful as ever with her black hair and little makeup, and she seems to be happy and healthy right now.

Fans are glad to hear that she seems to be doing well, especially since she doesn’t have any social media accounts where she regularly posts and there haven’t been many updates about her.

We hope to hear new songs from Chungha soon, but we’re also happy to see her and wish her a great time at the concert in Mexico.



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