TWICE’s Jihyo showcases her alluring and luxurious beauty in a black dress at “Killin’ Me Good” press conference

TWICE‘s Jihyo‘s fashion choice got a lot of attention.

On August 18, Jihyo went to an event for her first solo album, ‘ZONE, and looked great in a long black dress. The dress had a simple top part and a strap design that matched her short hair.

Jihyo posed confidently for photos. Fans really liked how she looked classy and fancy.

Even though the front of the dress was simple, Jihyo surprised everyone by posing with her back to the camera.

Her strong back muscles, which she must have built up over the years, were easy to see.

She gave a little preview of her dance moves by pretending to hold a gun.

On that day, Jihyo‘s sexy image was the main focus. It was really nice to see her feeling more sure of herself as she performed alone.

It turns out the dress she wore was expensive and made by Versace. It was a collaboration with singer Dua Lipa, and it costs $5,475 USD.

She seemed unique and cool, which impressed people on the internet.

Here are some comments from internet users:

“Jihyo is really cool!”
“The front of the dress was pretty too. I don’t get why some people don’t like it. She looks pretty.”
“Jihyo is a confident and attractive girl.”
“The dress suits Jihyo so well. It’s elegant in the front but surprising and attention-grabbing in the back!”
“Wow, she’s so pretty.”
“I’m a big fan of Jihyo. I can’t wait to watch her performances.”
“She looks very cool.”
“So fancy.”
“She’s the sexiest woman in K-pop right now, she’s amazing.”
“I love the song and the album. She did an amazing job; I hope she’s proud of herself.”
“She’s so attractive, I hope her solo album becomes a big success.”
“She’s incredibly good-looking.”

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