Red Velvet’s Joy Receives Scolding from Security for Greeting Fans, Fans Demand SBS Apology

Red Velvet‘s member, Joy, had an upsetting experience while going to work. She was shouted at by a security guard, which made her fans very angry.

On the morning of August 16th, Joy went to SBS, a place where they make TV shows, to record for a show called “Animal Farm“.

Joy looked very beautiful when she got there, wearing a nice striped dress that made her look like a princess.

But something happened that made her fans really mad. There’s a video of Joy in front of the SBS building. In the video, Joy came out to say hello to her fans who were waiting for her, but a security guard yelled at her.

The security person told Joy to go back inside, so she could only say a quick hello to her fans and then had to leave right away.

Because of this, fans want SBS to say sorry for treating Red Velvet in a disrespectful way.

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