“They must be very close” — Actress Han So Hee lovingly teases her sister on Instagram

Actress Han So Hee‘s little sister appeared in public with her for the first time.

Recently, Han So Hee‘s sister shared pictures on Instagram. The photos showed her and the actress hanging out and having a good time.

People on the internet were excited because they finally got to see who the sibling of the star from “100 Days My Prince” was.

Even though only part of her face was visible in the pictures, people still found her very cool. The two sisters enjoyed themselves while they were out together in public.

Han So Hee and her sister had a nice time together.
The sister has a unique style and looks different in a noticeable way.
She stands out with her outfits, which show off her strong personality.
Her side view also shows off a tall nose bridge.
Many new people are following the mysterious sister on social media. People online want to know more about her.

Netizens comments included:

“It’s so cool that Han So Hee’s sister showed up with her at last! They look like they had a lot of fun.”
“I love how her sister’s style is so different! She stands out a lot.”
“It’s interesting how her clothes show what kind of person she is.”
“I also noticed her nose bridge, which is very noticeable.”
“I can’t believe that she already has so many fans. “People must be very interested in her.”
“I hope we get to see more of them together. They need to be close as sisters.”
“No longer is Han So Hee’s sister a secret! It’s great to know who she is at last.”
“I wonder if they have the same hobbies and interests. It must be great to spend time with each other.”
“Her style is very daring, and I think that’s why people like her so much.”
“Social media have a lot of power! She’s getting known because of what her sister writes.”

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