“She’s really kind” — Kwon Eun Bi earns praise for thoughtfully remembering and gifting ointment to fan after surgery

Kwon Eun Bi is getting praised for doing something really nice.

The popular summer queen is getting more attention for being caring. People on the internet noticed that Kwon Eun Bi recently gave a special cream to a fan who had an operation.

When she saw the fan at an event and remembered their surgery, Kwon Eun Bi wrote a sweet message on their poster: “P.S. Don’t hurt yourself…my heart suffers T_T.

The next day, Kwon Eun Bi gave the cream to the fan herself. She told the fan that they should take care of their scars from the surgery.

Fans also said that this is not the first time she’s done something kind for them. She’s known for giving her fans little gifts like small items or special buns with different fillings at fan meetings and music events. She does this to say, “thank you for coming.”

People on the internet said:

“She’s amazing”

“Not even some couples do things this nice”

“You only give someone cream like that if you really care”

“I heard she remembers things really well, like the names of fans she met a long time ago”

“She’s really, really kind”

“I’m a fan forever”

“There are lots of nice stories about her, even since the last ISAC event”

“This makes me so emotional”

“She’s not doing this to show off, this is just one of many nice things she does”

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