“It’s a clear plan for trouble” — Stray Kids’s stylists criticized once again for making Hyunjin wear a “dangerous” boots

On August 10th, the Stray Kids members and Hyunjin had a great performance at the HDA event. But, two days later, a sharp-eyed fan from Korea noticed something odd.

Hyunjin was wearing heavy racing boots during the show. These boots are really heavy—almost like carrying 4.5 pounds each! They’re not made for walking or dancing. Wearing them was risky for Hyunjin because one wrong step could have hurt him.

Fans quickly went to Instagram to ask the person who picks their clothes why this happened. They found out that this person had made Hyunjin wear the same boots before.

When fans wrote their worries on the stylist’s page, he stopped people from commenting. But fans didn’t stop.

They went to Twitter and told Stray Kids and JYP Entertainment about it. They asked for the stylist to be changed. This is the second time the stylist has caused trouble. The first time, the stylist shared a group picture, but they cut out Lee Know from it.

Hopefully, JYPE (the company that manages Stray Kids) will take care of this issue soon and listen to what the fans are saying.

Netizens comments included:

“JYP, take care of your artists and make sure they are healthy. Listen to what their fans want and worry about.”

“I wish them luck. The problem is that most of the worst things they do to fans of stars are done without their knowledge or in a way that makes it look good.”

“If you really look, you’ll notice that a lot of what idols wear in videos and shows is not at all good for dancing. Those clothes are by designers? Yeah, terrible for dancing. Overheat much more easily, get itchy when you sweat, and I know a few people in a dance crew that wore the crap who broke out and were close to passing out.”

“We would notice if he couldn’t do well in them, and he would complain. Stray Kids are not a good band. Fans should sometimes just chill out and stop being so crazy about everything.”

“I agree with the people this time. Those boots are NSFW.”

“He would have told the stylist if it was a problem.”

“I don’t understand why someone would think it would be a good idea to make someone dance in big, heavy shoes. It’s a clear plan for trouble, and someone could easily trip and get hurt. There are many ways to make heroes look good without putting their safety at risk. It’s strange to me that the stylist didn’t think about this.”

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