“Must be… love” — BLACKPINK’s Lisa leaves netizens spellbound, says she’s becoming prettier and hotter as time passes

Netizens continue to show their adoration for BLACKPINK Lisa‘s summer snapshots.

According to reports, the BLACKPINK member’s bikini photos have captivated fans, who have praised her impressive physique and aesthetic appeal.

On various online platforms, internet users are also expressing that despite her advancing age, Lisa is growing even more ‘sensational,‘ and some even speculate that she could have pursued a career as a professional model.

Online users were particularly impressed by the sculpted form of her body, leading them to leave comments like, “If I had a figure like hers, I’d spend the whole day basking in the sun without clothes.”

Many are envious of Lisa‘s ability to enjoy wearing bikinis without inhibition. Several appreciative remarks suggest that with a little more height, she could effortlessly match the criteria of a top-tier cover model.

Simultaneously, netizens are also pointing out that apart from her age, her rumored relationship with Frédéric Arnault might be a factor “enhancing her beauty,” echoing the Korean saying that ‘people become lovelier when they’re in love.’

Reactions include:

“This is reminiscent of Hollywood.”

“It’s almost certain she’s in a relationship…”

“I’m curious about the photographer behind these shots haha.”

“She’s incredibly attractive.”

“Her appeal is growing day by day.”

“She carries herself with such allure.”

“I personally find her more beautiful now compared to her debut days.”

“Since her debut, she’s been the most gorgeous, in my opinion.”

“I personally lean towards her look without bangs.”

“It’s surprising she’s shorter than Karina.”

“Her body proportions are extraordinary; it’s hard to believe she’s 166.5 cm tall.”

“She’s becoming even more seductive as she ages.”



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