Netizens debunk potential romance between Seventeen’s Mingyu and Jeon So Mi: “Just because their clothes match?”

Rumors about Jeon So Mi and Seventeen‘s Mingyu dating have been making the rounds online.

Someone on a website posted about a possible romantic connection between Jeon So Mi and Seventeen‘s Mingyu. They shared a picture of the two wearing the same kind of white lacy shirt and asked, “Why are they dressed the same?

The person also suggested that they might be sharing their love on social media, as both of them posted pictures wearing the same shirt on their Instagram accounts.

This made people think they could be in a romantic relationship.

But many people online quickly rejected these rumors, saying they were not true.

Some of the people commenting on the post said:

“Please stop talking about this.”

“I don’t know if they’re dating, but compared to an idol like Seventeen’s Joshua, who disrespected fans by showing off his girlfriend at a concert, Jeon So Mi seems much better.”

“Even if they were dating, they probably wouldn’t show it openly, especially since another member of the same group is facing a lot of criticism right now.”

“Jeon So Mi had a party before her music release and invited Mingyu, The8, and Woozi. That’s where she took the picture with that bag.”

“Just because their clothes match? “

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