“Taken with love” — Seolhyun shares endearing photos taken by her father

Seolhyun showcased a perfect visual that is no different from her prime physique.

On August 13th, Seolhyun posted a photo on her account with the caption “Photo by Dad“. She shared several photos, seeming satisfied with the pictures taken lovingly by her father for his beloved daughter.

In the photos, Seolhyun is wearing a casual white mini dress, proudly displaying her slim figure. The sleeveless dress accentuates her slender shoulder line even more.

The contrast between Seolhyun‘s alluring features and her stunningly sexy physique captivates the gaze.

Through the comments, netizens mentioned how the photos seemed to have been “taken with love“.

Meanwhile, last year, Seolhyun took on the role of Lee Yeoreum in the Genie TV original drama ‘Summer Strike,’ which concluded its run in the summer.



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